• Mama bear plays football with her cub in Odisha; video goes viral


    Odisha: While football is a much-loved sport in many countries around the world, wild bears playing the sport is not something one can imagine. A surprising video of a mother bear playing football with her cub in the jungle at Sukhigaon village in Nabarangpur, Odisha, has gone viral on social media.

    The incident was recorded on Saturday when a group of boys from Sukhigaon were playing football in an open field and all of a sudden spotted two wild bears approaching them. The frightened boys tried to flee from the spot, leaving the ball behind. Moments later, the boys were surprised to see that instead of chasing them, both the mother bear and cub started playing with the football on the ground.

    In the 1.02 minute clip, the animals first examine the football and then start playing with it. The boys gathered at a distance and filmed the rare event. Boys got excited and started watching the two wild bears play the sport, even cheered for the animals as they run, around with the ball.

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