• Massive Hairball Removed From 15 year Old Girl’s Stomach

    Massive Hairball Removed From 15 year Old Girl’s Stomach

    Chennai: Doctors removed a large clump of hair from the stomach of a 15-year-old girl in Chennai.

    The girl, who had been eating her own hair over the past two years, in a rare medical condition called Rapunzel’s Syndrome, had developed a massive hairball inside her stomach, resulting in the decrease of appetite, weight loss, and repeated episodes of vomiting.

    Surgical Gastroenterologist of RRM Gastro Hospital, Dr. R. Raja Mahendran said, “The girl was brought to the hospital recently with complaints of abdominal pain and vomiting and underwent scanning.”

    “Initially we thought that it was an abdominal mass but a close examination with endoscopy revealed that the teen had a habit of ingesting her own hair,” added Dr. Mahendran.

    Soon after the girl diagnosed with the medical condition a team of doctors led by Dr. Mahendra conducted surgery and removed the hairball weighing nearly 1.5 kg from her stomach according to the doctors. Moreover, the girl has been discharged from the hospital.