• Meet the Digital beggar of Madhya Pradesh who begs using a QR Code

    Digital Desk: A bizarre case has been reported in Madhya Pradesh's Chhindwara, where a person makes a living by begging using a QR code. A person named Hemant Suryavanshi begs people with a barcode of digital transactions in his hand. The person stated that when he used to beg, many people avoided him by stating that they didn't have change. Now enlisting the assistance of digital technology, he has begun begging through barcodes. Hemant's begging manner is particularly distinctive. He says that Babuji if not change then give alms on phone pe or google pay. The beggar said that people can easily scan barcodes by begging due to digital technology. He often gets more than Rs.5 only. Also Read: Epitome of Religious Harmony: Hindu family taking care of a mosque for 50 years Hemant Suryavanshi previously worked for the Nagar Palika Parishad. However, he lost his employment for unknown reasons. In his grief about losing his work, he wandered here and there. Later, he began begging and has made a livelihood off of it and now uses a QR Code to beg. The video of Hemant Suryavanshi travelling around begging with his cell phone and barcode in hand is becoming popular on social media, and people are sharing it a lot.

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