• Mehul Choksi says he was abducted, beaten by two RAW agents

    Mehul Choksi says he was abducted, beaten by two RAW agents

    New Delhi: In an interview with India Today Fugitive Mehul Choksi stated that two persons who hostage him from Antigua were the agents of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

    During the interview, Choksi identifies the pictures of the two men-Gurmit Singh and Gurit Bjhandal, who he claimed to be the agents of RAW. Moreover, he also identifies Barbara Jarabica Choksi’s close contact from whose house he was abducted.

    Mehul Choksi said, “I was under the belief that they (Gurmit Singh and Gurjit Bhandal) were RAW agents. Even when I reached Dominica, I heard stories about RAW agents and they are around islands and places around the world.”

    Further, Choksi said the RAW agents themselves discloses their identity and said they were taking him for interrogation. The agents beat me here and there Choksi added.

    Choksi said, “On May 23 I went to Barbara’s house to pick her up for dinner and went inside her house as she invited me to come inside. I felt nothing wrong, I parked my car opposite to her house and went inside, she was having glass of wine when I entered her house. She ask to sit in the sofa and after 3-4 minutes, a group of people entered the house from two sides claiming that they knew me and we are taking you for interrogation.”

    “Two of them took my hands and two of them took my legs and I was totally overtaken by them.” added Choksi.

    On May 26 Mehul Choksi was arrested in Dominica for illegally entering the country from Antigua and Barbuda, where he was living from January 2018.

    In a complaint to the police of Antigua Choksi claimed that he was forcebily brought to Dominica.

    Moreover, his lawyer identified four individuals claiming that they are the key conspirator to Choksi’s abduction. The accused are Hungarian national Barbara Jarabica, British Indians Gurmit Singh (63) and Gurjit Singh Bhandal (50), along with one Gurdip Bath (45), who is a diplomat for St Kitts and Nevis.

    Mehul Choksi, is a prime accused along with his nephew Nirav Modi in the Rs 13,500 crore Punjab National Bank Fraud case.