• Memes flood social media platforms after CBSE announce board exam program for 2021-22


    New Delhi: The Covid-19 pandemic changed the world not only in terms of how we eat or sleep, but also attending offices, schools and colleges. With major part of the globe going under a  few lockdown for most past of the year, the steps initiated to curb the spread of the infection has bolstered many strict measures, to the extent staying inside the homes 24*7.

    Attending schools and colleges too have become like a rare treat for the students of this era who will remember the coming years the pandemic that dashed the joy of going to schools to read and study. Amid the pandemic conditions, CBSE has now made some amends for the future of students. For the academic batch 2021-22, there will be two board exams – term-1 and term-2 exams, respectively. Each exam will be held on 50 percent syllabus delivered to students in the said term.

    The term-end exams will be of 90-minutes duration. CBSE will set the question paper and send it to the schools along with the marking scheme. The exams will be conducted under the supervision of external center superintendants and observers appointed by CBSE. Marks of both term-1 and 2 will be contributed to he final overall score of students. The term-1 will be held in November-December while the term-11 will be held in March-April.

    The students could hardly keep calm as soon the new of “double boards” spread like wild fire on the various micro-blogging sites as memes followed then after.

    *Excerpts from News 18

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