• Nepal government urges protesters not to burn PM Narendra Modi's effigy

    Nepal government urges protesters not to burn PM Narendra Modi's effigy

    Kathmandu: On Sunday, Nepal's Ministry of Home Affairs warned demonstrators not to flare the effigy of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. However, the warning came without revealing the name of the Prime Minister.

    The statement responded to some demonstrations in Kathmandu against the Indian government and Modi in the backdrop of contemporary strategic conflicts within Nepal and India.

    The statement stated that action would be taken against those who will exercise the law in their hand and target the adjoining nations.

    Lately, Nepal and India indulged in two separate diplomatic series following an Indian helicopter frequently breached the Nepali province and made a flight over westward Nepal of the Darchula region.

    As per media statements, Nepal's Home Ministry has carried up the matter with the Foreign Ministry of Nepal to oppose the event with India following the loss of a 33-year-old man from the Darchula region of western Nepal who fell into Mahakali while passing the river using an improvised wire loop, regionally termed as 'tuin.'

    An inquiry report provided by Nepal's Home Ministry stated, "It seems that the event occurred in the presence of Indian Sashastra Seema Bal." Therefore the statement has advocated that the government take strategic actions to bring the perpetrators to charge.

    Even though this problem was not falling headlong, Nepal and India entered into another diplomatic conflict following an Indian helicopter reportedly passed the Nepali airspace and made various series in western Nepal the previous week.

    Some student units of the governing and opposition parties upheld demonstrations in Kathmandu against the Indian government and Indian Prime Minister Modi over the last several days.

    Serious concern has been expressed from the Home Ministry regarding the recent demonstration and agitation against the neighbouring nation.

    The Home Ministry report states that the Nepal government wants to keep good relationships with all its acquaintances and is committed not to allow any actions against its neighbours.

    "We asked all not to indulge in any exercise that will hinder the pride and prestige of the neighbouring nations," the Home Ministry stated.