• No one is above the law: Chhattisgarh CM gets his 86 year old father arrested


    New Delhi: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel got his father Nand Kumar Baghel arrested after the latter made derogatory remarks against the Brahmins.

    86 year old Nand Kumar Baghel has been sent to 15 days of judicial custody.

    His lawyer said he did not request bail and would appear before a court on September 21.

    After his father was charged last week, the Chief Minister had stressed that he would get no special treatment.

    "Nobody is above the law before my government, even if he is the Chief Minister's 86-year-old father. As Chief Minister, I have the responsibility to maintain harmony among different communities. If he made a remark against a community, I am sorry. Legal action will be taken," Bhupesh Baghel had told reporters on Sunday.

    During a recent visit to Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Baghel's father, who heads a group for voter awareness and is a prominent OBC voice, had controversially called for a "boycott" of Brahmins and, describing them as foreigners, had urged people not to let them into their villages.

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