• Parliament of India Passes Marine Aids To Navigation Bill, 2021

    Parliament of India Passes Marine Aids To Navigation Bill, 2021

    New Delhi: On Tuesday, the parliament of India passed the Marine Aids To Navigation Bill, 2021. Under the bill, it will repeal the Lighthouse Act, 1927 which is a nine-decade-old law directing the conventional navigation service.

    Additionally, the bill will look into vessel traffic services and "enormous technological development" in the realm of marine shipping.

    Union Minister of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Sarbananda Sonowal stated, “This bill will provide a legal framework for the sector to meet the latest technologies and meets the requirements of best global practices for safe and secure navigation and protection of the marine environment.”

    “It will provide holistic progress and development in the field of marine navigation. This will also help the fisherman and coastal and international trade, lighthouse tourism in and around,” he added.

    The Bill regards the entire nation including several maritime areas and territorial waters, continental reef, and independent commercial zone.

    It will provide support to navigation as a device, method, or setting, visible to vessels, composed, and served to intensify safe and effective navigation of independent vessels and vessel traffic.

    Under Section 4 of the Bill, it states that the Centre shall designate a Director-General, who will inter alia apprise the central government on subjects associated to support navigation. 

    It additionally highlights the presentation for employment of Deputy Director Generals and Directors for districts.