• Petrol and diesel prices hiked for third successive day across the nation


    New Delhi: For the third successive day the fuel prices have continued to rise across the nation on Saturday. In the national capital New Delhi, the petrol and diesel prices have reached INR 105.49 and 94.22 per litre respectively. They have increased by INR 0.35 for the third straight day.

    Similarly, in the financial capital Mumbai, petrol can be bought for INR 111.43, while, diesel is priced at 102.15.  They have increased by INR 0.34 and 0.37 respectively.

    In the eastern city of Kolkata petrol and diesel are priced at INR 106.10 and 97.33 per litre respectively.

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    Besides, petrol and diesel can be bought at INR 102.70 and 98.59 per litre respectively in Chennai.

    The prices of petrol and diesel have been rising on continues basis since past one month now. Consumers and vehicle owners are facing unprecedented problems due to this across the country.

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