• Police arrests fake surgeon who ran a clinic for 4 years using fake documents


    Digital Desk: Vasai police arrested a 51-year old conman who ran a clinic for four years with a fake degree on Monday. The fake surgeon Hemant Patil alias Hemant Sonawane was held in Mumbai. 

    The fake surgeon Sonawane and former civic, medical chief of Vasai-Virar, arrested last year, allegedly worked jointly and performed multiple 'awkward surgeries.' But, shockingly, Sonawane used to sell spices before performing surgeries. 

    Sources stated that fake surgeon Sonawane was a salesman in a manufacturing company earlier. He used his fake orthopedic qualification from Baroda Medical College and another doctor's Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) registration number.

    A source stated," The fake surgeon was a salesman in a spice manufacturing company in Maharashtra. Later, he joined a firm to market orthopedic appliances and tools and visited several states for years."

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    The source added, "While working as a salesman of orthopedic devices, Sonawane thought of starting his ortho clinic, for which he required a medical certificate. So, he got a fake orthopedic degree and started a clinic. Sonawane had been operating his one-room clinic at Vasai since 2018."

    Senior Inspector of Vasai police station Kalyanrao Karpe said that Civic Medical Officer Dr. Vasant Patil registered an FIR on December 29 after Sonawane failed to produce required papers at the municipal corporation to operate his clinic in Vasai.

    The complainant, Dr. Patil, stated, "Since Sonawane had been running his clinic in Vasai, we sent him a notice to submit appropriate papers related to his qualification and Maharashtra Medical Countil (MMC) registration number. Though he did not pay heed. I even sent him several reminders, yet he did not respond. Sonawane was never seen in his clinic. A woman employee was always present there. One notice was also pasted on the shutter of his clinic." 

    Karpe further added, "Our investigating team regularly monitored his locations and finally arrested the fake surgeon Sonawane from Thane on Wednesday."

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