• Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Huge Fan Walking 815-Km in Hopes of Meeting Him


    Udhampur: A man from Srinagar claiming to be PM Narendra Modi’s huge fan is walking from Srinagar to New Delhi, hoping to meet PM Modi.

    "I am a very big fan of Prime Minister Modi," the 28-year-old, who works as a part-time electrician in Jammu and Kashmir's Srinagar, said as he reached Udhampur on Sunday after walking over 200 km.

    He started his journey 2 days back by taking short breaks in his 815-km journey and is hopeful that his hard work will pay off and his dream of meeting PM Modi will become reality.

    "I am on my way to Delhi by foot to meet him (Modi) and I hope to attract the attention of the prime minister. To meet the prime minister is my cherished dream," he said, adding that his previous attempts to meet the PM did not fructify.

    The fan’s name is Fahim Nazir Shah and is a resident of the Shalimar area in Srinagar.

    He is a part-time electrician in Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar.

    He said he has been following PM Modi on social media for more than four years now and his speech and actions have touched his heart.

    "At one time, when he was delivering an address at a rally, he stopped suddenly on hearing the ''again'' (Muslim call for prayer) leaving the public astonished...that gesture of our prime minister touched my heart and I became his ardent fan," he said.

    Mr. Shah said that he has made many attempts to meet the PM over the past two and a half years but has not succeeded yet and is hopeful that he will succeed this time and PM will notice him.

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