• Revenge Bite: Snake bites man, man bites back, the snake dies


    Odisha: In a strange incident of revenge, a man named Kishore Badra Of Odisha’s Jaipur District reportedly bit a snake to death after the snake bit him while returning home from work on Wednesday night.

    He is a resident of Gambharipatia village under Salijanga panchayat under Danagadi block.

    He managed to grab the snake and bit it to death.

    “Something bit on my leg while I was returning home on foot last night. I switched on my torch and found it to be a poisonous krait snake. In order to take revenge, I took the snake in my hands and bit it repeatedly, killing the viper on the spot,” said the man.

    After the incident that man brought the snake along with him to his home and showed it to his wife and also told her about the incident and soon after he became the talk of his village and she showcased the snake to his friends.

    Badra was advised to visit a hospital but he refused and went to a traditional healer to seek advice on the same night of the incident.

    Badra also said even though he bit the poisonous snake he did not feel any difficulty and was cured after he went to a traditional healer in his village.

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