• Shocker: 12 year old boy rapes sister, impregnates her

    Shocker: 12 year old boy rapes sister, impregnates her

    New Delhi: In a shocking incident reported from the National Capital, Delhi, a 12 year old boy allegedly raped his sister and impregnated her. The case came into light only after the children’s mother’s employer noticed a bump and asked about her health. The teenager then revealed that she was raped twice by her brother.

    Both teenagers stay with their parents and three other siblings at a rented accommodation. Their father is a construction worker while the mother works as a maid at a residential society. 

    As per the girl, she was sexually assaulted by her brother around two to three months ago. Reportedly, the brother-sister duo was unaware of the implications of the act. 

    After learning the girl's plight, her mother's employer called Childline and the cops launched an investigation into the case. Probe revealed that the parents also did not realise the severity of the situation, The Times of India reported. 

    Incidents of rape, sexual assault, abuse have been rampantly rising in the country for the last years. The covid induced lockdown have augmented more such heinous crimes with many going unnoticed or forcefully kept under wraps by the accused and the family.

    The above mentioned case just highlights the severity of situation due to no or little knowledge on sex education among kids who are easily carried away by the "unknown parameters" of their growing up body at the puberty stage.