• The struggle of a common man for the petrol price hike

    The struggle of a common man for the petrol price hike

    The rise in the petrol price has impacted put of after lives. Citing the rise, the common man has expressed their resentment for the government. With the present scenario of Covid-19, it has become difficult for the common lives to cope up with the commodities of daily use. The government outlook the troubles faced by the common people. People have been facing difficulties over the rising expenses as it has been a huge loss in business and other sectors that took a hit after the Covid outbreak. 

    Petrol and diesel prices are uprising to reach new highs in the country. It has been hiked for the fifth time in July that marked a fall in crude oil prices in international markets. According to the largest fuel retailer Indian Oil petrol prices have been increased by 35 paise in Delhi to an all-time high of rupee 100.56 per litre. 

    On the other hand, diesel prices have been also increased by 0.09 paise from rupee 89.62. The revised petrol and diesel prices stand out to be at 106.59 litres and rupee 97.18 per litre. 

    As the people struggle with the pandemic situation and the subsequent economic hardships, the government has implemented more struggle for the common lives. The increase in the petrol and diesel price made life difficult for the common lives. Indians have been facing troubles even since oil marketing companies were allowed to fix prices in taking into account the volatility in the international market. 

    With the increased rate of petrol price, it is sure to hinder the economic growth. This will also slow down people’s earnings. For a common man, to meets, the end of the livelihood seems to trouble a lot and with the present scenario, it is becoming tough. The question lies on how long the common lives have to struggle with the decision of the government.