• Three members of a family poisoned to death by administering fake Covid-19 pills

    Three members of a family poisoned to death by administering fake Covid-19 pills

    In another heart-breaking incident, three members of a family died in Tamil Nadu’s Erode after they were given poison in the guise of Covid-19 cure pills.

    Investigations revealed that the main accused, R Kalyanasundaram (43) of Keezhvani village, had borrowed Rs 15 lakh from Karuppanakounder (72) of Karungoundanvalasu village a few months ago. Unable to repay the loan and facing pressure from the moneylender, Kalyanasundaram decided to get rid of Karuppanakounder and his family. Kalyanasundaram sought the help of Sabari (25), who donned the role of a Health Department worker to pass on the poison pills to the family of four.

    The accused armed with tools of a healthcare worker, including a temperature gun and pulse oximeter, Sabari visited Karuppanakounder’s house on June 26. He enquired whether Karuppanakounder and his family had fever or cough, then gave them some pills by saying they would boost immunity against Covid-19.

    Karuppanakounder, his wife, daughter, and domestic help took the pills and collapsed. Neighbors found the four unconscious and rushed them to the hospital.

    Mallika died on the way to the hospital; Deepa and Kuppal died the next day. Karuppanakounder himself is in critical condition.

    Police arrested Kalyanasundaram and Sabari on Sunday, "Kalyanasundaram had sent Sabari to Karuppanakounder's residence under the false pretext of health worker and made them take poison pills calling them cure for Covid-19, murdering three people,” Erode’ DSP.