• Tripura: Prashant Kishor's team in 'House Arrest' claims TMC, Police Denies


    Political Analyst Prashant Kishor and his 23-member team which was in Tripura, getting ready for the groundwork of 2023 Assembly Elections for the TMC, have alleged to have been hauled up inside a hotel they were staying and were put under "house arrest". The team was staying in Agartala's Hotel Woodland and was warned by the police to only leave the hotel premises to go to the airport or leave the state completely. TMC's Abhishek Banerjee said in a tweet, "Democracy in this nation dies a thousand deaths under BJP's misrule!" I-PAC, meanwhile, said earlier, “Our people have been literally put under house arrest for what reason we don’t know. We are looking into the matter."

    Ashish Lal Singh, son of Sachindra Lal Singh, the first Chief Minister of Tripura, has been appointed by the TMC party in Tripura as the party president in the state. “This is shameful. The I-PAC team came and from the night they are undergoing verification and they are almost in house arrest," Singh said.

    The local police have dismissed the allegations about the house arrest instead the police claim that they were just doing verifications of the visitors. Sources reveal that “no permission” was taken by the I-PAC team from the Tripura Police before going on any of their field assignments.



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