• World Press Freedom Index: Pakistan Unsafe for Women Journalists

    World Press Freedom Index: Pakistan Unsafe for Women Journalists

    Islamabad: Pakistan is ranked 145th out of 180 countries in the ranking of RSF’s 2020 World Press Freedom Index making it one of the most dangerous places for the journalist and even more terrible for the women journalists due to widespread of online abuse, hatred, and physical violence.

    As per Freedom Network, 23 journalists were killed for their work between 2013 and 2019 in Pakistan. Moreover, the report also revealed that the journalists who work in print media are more likely to be targets of legal action rather than the women journalists of electronic media.

    Pakistan writer Mehmil Khalid wrote in Pakistan Daily that a large number face threats in the form of rape, physical violence, and intimidation in the form of public revealing of their personal data on daily basis.

    As per the expert's women, journalists has to go the extra mile within media spheres to earn high authority position and standard wages in comparison to their male counterpart.

    A women journalist of Pakistan said, “We are being prevented from exercising our right to free speech and participate in public discourse. When we self-censor, others are prevented from receiving information to form their views, which is a violation of their rights under article 19-A.”

    Adding to it the journalist said, “In some cases, journalists have been locked out of their social media accounts as a result of hacking attempts.”

    Reportedly, the journalists who criticise the establishment face threats from the intelligence arm of the military, ISI, and are subjected to various forms of harassment.

    Inputs: ANI