• YouTube channels web portals have no accountability: Supreme Court

    YouTube channels web portals have no accountability: Supreme Court

    New Delhi: Raising a deep concern over the increasing number of YouTube channels and web portals resulting in fake news; the Supreme Court said this might bring a bad name to the country if it continues unregulated.

    Chief Justice of India N V Ramana said, “There is no control of anybody over the web portals in the country; they can publish anything. The same goes with YouTube; you will find how fake news is highly circulated, now day anyone can start a channel on YouTube.”

    “If it continues so, it may bring bad repute to the nation.” added the CJI.

    A bench headed by Chief Justice of India N V Ramana, while hearing on a more than a year–old plea filled by Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, which sought action against a news channel circulating fake news of the Tablighi Jamaat meeting that alleged communal overtones, made the remark.

    “The print and television media have a regulatory mechanism in place for effecting corrections. But everything is shown in a section of media, especially the web-based ones, carry a communal overtone; they write vituperatively against the judges, institutions and whomever, they dislike. Ultimately, it is our country that will get a bad name.” said CJI N V Ramana.

    Moreover, blaming the web portal and YouTube channels, the CJI stated that this platform does not respond to their published queries. “These channels never respond; this is the condition,” he said.

    Notably, it has been reported that some of the web portals and YouTube channels are misleading the public with their content that creates tension among the countrymen.