• An opposition leader once asked me what I want more after the country elected me twice? PM Modi reveals


    Recalling the opposition leader's observation that becoming Prime Minister twice was a sufficient accomplishment, PM Modi stated that his dream is for all welfare schemes to be fully funded.

    Digital Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that he has no plans to slow down, citing an opposition leader's remark that becoming Prime Minister twice was enough.

    PM Modi was speaking to beneficiaries of the Gujarat government's financial support initiatives for widows, the aged, and the poor via video link.

    "One day, I was approached by a prominent leader. He frequently opposes us on political issues, but I admire him.  He had come to meet me as he was unhappy about various matters," PM Modi stated.

    "Modi ji, the country has twice elected you as Prime Minister, so what more do you want now? he said. He believed that if a person became Prime Minister twice, he had attained all," PM Modi added. 

    "He is unaware that Modi is of a different breed. Gujarat is where he was born. That is why I do not believe in taking it easy, as if whatever happened has already occurred and I should now rest. No. My objective is saturation, 100 per cent coverage of the assistance programmes," he stated.

    Notably, PM Modi did not name anyone during his statement, but his statement comes a month after NCP chief Sharad Pawar met him in Delhi and raised the subject of the federal agencies' action against Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut and family members of Maharashtra Deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar.


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