• 'Common people of Pakistan are not India's enemy,' says Sharad Pawar

    Digital Desk: During an Eid-Milan event in Kondhwa, former Union Minister Sharad Pawar said that the commoners of Pakistan are not India's enemies, but those who are eager to get power with the help of the army want to create tension between the two countries. Further, without naming Imran Khan, he stated that a young man took the reins of Pakistan and attempted to steer the country but was deposed. 

    A different kind of situation is prevailing in the world today. A powerful country like Russia is attacking a small country like Ukraine, youngsters in Sri Lanka are on the road, fighting, and the leaders of that country have gone underground," Pawar said, referring to the war in Ukraine and the unrest in Sri Lanka.

     "In neighbouring Pakistan, where you and I have brothers… a young man took the reins of prime minister's post, an attempt was made to show a direction to the country, but the prime minister was ousted from power, and a different picture is seen there now," the NCP chief said, apparently referring to Imran Khan.

    Futher he added that as the leaders of the freedom struggle were united, Indians were able to end British rule. If someone were trying to instil hatred among communities today, everyone would have to come together and teach them a lesson.

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