• This country intends to make ‘work-from-home’ a legal right


     Digital Desk: Work-from-home would become a recognised legal right under legislation being proposed by two Dutch politicians, making the Netherlands one of the first nations to do so.


    Senna Maatoug, a legislator for the Green Party, and Steven van Weyenberg, a member of the pro-European D-66 Party, will introduce the legislation, Weyenberg told Bloomberg on Wednesday. Before the House leaves for the vacation on July 3, the two will present the plan to the legislature.


    Weyenberg stated, "We have the go-ahead for this new law because of the support we received from both employees' and employers' unions. We have high hopes that it will be approved before the summer.


    Since the outbreak, many workers have sought to keep some of the flexibility they have benefited from over the previous two years. However, the question is growing more divisive as businesses try to meet the soaring demand as the pandemic fades. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, gave the company's employees till the beginning of this month to come back to work or leave.


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