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New Car Airbag Rule: Government Proposes Mandatory 6 Airbags From October

Digital Desk: A draft notification issued by the government proposed that a new car airbag rule will be followed from this year. The government of India has started its process for executing this initiative.

The government stated that under new car airbag rule, all the new cars that will be sold in India should include six airbags for the safety of the individuals. 

On Friday. the government issued a draft statement aiming at remarks from the public and other stakeholders on the suggested direction that will make it compulsory for car manufacturers to supply six airbags from 1 October. 

The comments received over the next month will be examined by the government, and a conclusive report, with changes, if required, will be issued to enforce the regulation.

The raw draft notification of new car airbag rule was a follow-up to Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari’s request to car manufacturers on 3 August 2021 to supply at least 6 airbags across all models of vehicles.

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Currently, only two airbags are mandatory for all vehicles sold in India. One is attached for the driver and the other for the co-passenger in the front seat. 

“To improve the security of the citizens in engine vehicles carrying up to 8 passengers, I have now agreed on a draft GSR information to construct a minimum of 6 airbags mandatory,” Nitin Gadkari expressed in a string of tweets on the announcement before the formal notification was uploaded online.

Gadkari added, “To minimize the consequence of frontal and sideways collisions to the passengers seated in both front and rear chambers, it has been determined that 4 extra airbags be required in the M1 vehicle variety, i.e., two side/side torso airbags and two side curtain/tube airbags covering all outboard passengers. This is necessary to make motor vehicles in India securer than ever.”




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