New Zealand completes 100 days without Covid-19

Wellington: On Sunday, New Zealand marked 100 days since it eliminated Coronavirus. Life has returned to normalcy for many people in the country as they have started attended rugby games in packed stadiums without the fear of getting infected.

New Zealand eliminated the virus by imposing strict lockdown in late March when only there were only 100 people who tested positive for the infection. There have been no new Covid-19 cases for the past three months. The only cases have been of returning travellers who have been quarantined at the border.

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s leadership has been widely praised. She reassured people during the lockdown with daily briefings and a message that resonated: “Go hard and go early.”

Total infections were limited to just over 1,500 and the country has had just 22 deaths. Opinion polls indicate support for Ardern’s liberal Labour Party has surged ahead of a general election next month.

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