Over 40 bodies of monkeys found stuffed inside jute bags

Telangana: In an utterly shocking and horrifying incident, around 40-50 monkeys were poisoned to death and were found stuffed in jute bags in a decomposed state in Mahabubad of Telangana.

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As per various news outlets, the incident occurred at Sanigapuram village a week ago and villagers first noticed the bodies of the monkeys after a strong odour emitted from the spot where the monkeys have been found.

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Mahabubad (rural) sub-inspector of police quoted in a national daily that a case has been registered under section 429 (killing and poisoning of animals) of Indian Penal Code (IPC), apart from section 11 (I) of the Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals Act, 1960.”

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District forest officer (DFO) Poloju Krishnamachary said the decomposed bodies of the monkeys were cremated on Wednesday afternoon.

Forest officials have suspected poisoning and electrocution as reasons behind the death of these monkeys. As the bodies were decomposed beyond recognition, a post mortem could not be conducted.

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