Over 90 doctors on Covid-19 duty have lost their lives: IMA

New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association’s initial findings have revealed that 93 doctors have died while on Covid-19 duty in India.

Dr Rajan Sharma, head of IMA, revealed in an interview that 93 doctors have died so far while 1,279 doctors have been infected with Covid-19.

At least 771 doctors less than the age of 35 years, 247 doctors above the age of 35 years and 261 doctors above 50 years have been infected so far, the IMA chief said. This figure does not include healthcare workers such as nurses and other healthcare-related staff.

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“We are working on a research paper of causes of these deaths, and how many have died in general practice, resident category very soon. IMA will come out with all figures and reasons behind this. We are not hiding from revealing this data,” Dr Rajan Sharma said.

Dr Sharma confirmed that these figures have been “collated by IMA when presented with data collated by Dr Rajeev Jayadevan, who is the president of the Kochi branch of IMA in Kerala”.

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Dr Jayadevan claimed that 110 doctors lost their lives. His data is in accordance with that reported by publications both local and national. 

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