• "There is a Difference Between 'Erotica' and 'Pornography', My Husband is Innocent," says Shilpa She

    "There is a Difference Between 'Erotica' and 'Pornography', My Husband is Innocent," says Shilpa She

    Raj Kundra’s wife actor Shilpa Shetty has said she was unaware of the exact nature of the content on 'Hotshots', the mobile app via which her husband is accused of streaming pornographic content, Mumbai Police. Shilpa Shetty stressed the difference between 'erotica' and 'pornography', and said her husband was not involved in producing pornographic content.

    Police recorded Ms. Shetty’s statement yesterday evening, that if she knew about her husband’s alleged link to the pornographic films, sources said. Raj Kundra who was arrested this week was sent to police custody till July 27. Police said they have seized 48 TB worth of images and videos, most of which are adult content. Police also said they had a record of transactions from an account in Yes Bank registered to Mr. Kundra to one in the United Bank of Africa. Police suspect money from the sale of pornographic content was used for online betting. So far Rs 7.5 crore has been seized.

    During yesterday’s hearing his lawyer, Abad Ponda had objected to classifying the seized content as ‘pornography’. He said that the content could not come under Section 67 of the IT Act for which bail is not allowed as similar material is available on OTT platforms like Netflix. Mr. Kundra has denied any wrongdoing and has also named Pradeep Bakshi as the key figure. However, police have said Raj was kept updated on the finances of the app, and allegedly also set up a WhatsApp group to discuss the production, distribution, and selling of content.

    Kundra has also approached the Bombay High Court to challenge his arrest and dismiss the lower court's order on extending police custody on that distinction. His petition also claims he was arrested after being summoned to the police station "under the garb of recording his statement". The police say, Raj is the “key conspirator” in the case, and has sufficient evidence against him; this includes pornographic clips and emails found in his office.

    The case was registered on February 4 after a woman told the police she had been forced to take part in a porn film after being promised an acting job, a police officer quoted by PTI said.