• 5 Women Army Officers Promoted To Colonel Rank

    5 Women Army Officers Promoted To Colonel Rank

    New Delhi: Five Women Officers were promoted to Colonel Rank by an Army Selection Board after they completed 26 years of “reckonable service”.

    Previously, the promotion of the colonel rank was applicable only for women officers in Army Education Corps (AEC), Judge Advocate General (JAG), and the Army Medical Corps (AMC) This is for the first time women officers serving with the Corps of Electronic and Mechanical Engineers (EME) and the Corps of Engineers have been promoted to the rank of Colonel.

    The widening of promotion avenues to more branches of the Indian army is a sign that career opportunities for women are increasing and this step also defines the Indian Army’s approach to a gender-neutral army.

    The Supreme Court of India also passed an order allowing women to appear in the examination to enter the National Defence Academy (NDA) where earlier only men were allowed to appear.