• 67-Year Old Gujarat Women Earns PhD Degree, Fulfils Her Childhood Dream

    67-Year Old Gujarat Women Earns PhD Degree, Fulfils Her Childhood Dream

    Vadodara: Dr Usha Lodaya, a 67-year old woman from Gujarat’s Vadodara fulfilled her childhood dream by completing her PhD in Jainism.  She has become a true inspiration to anyone dreaming of achieving anything, particularly at this age.

    Married at the age of 20, Dr Lodaya wished to become a doctor but the dream of becoming a doctor ended as she got married in the first year of her graduation.

    Dr Lodaya said “I was in the first year of my graduation when I got married. I always wanted to doctor. My parents wanted me to continue my studies after marriage but I could not continue and focused on my family instead. But I am now satisfied.”

    “When I came across a graduation course on Jainism in Maharastra-based Shatrunjay Academy, I did not let this opportunity go and took admission in the first year of this course. It was an online course. After doing my bachelor’s, I did Masters and then got admission in the PhD based on my marks.” she added.

    Dr Lodhaya also stressed that she was encouraged by her daughter-in-law, Nisha Lodhaya to get the Degree at this age, she thanked Nisha for this.

      Calling her a proud daughter-in-law Nisha Lodhaya said “Usha Ji used to study for six to seven hours a day. It is obvious that if the support of the family was not available to her then would have been difficult to achieve the goal.”

    “Her husband is not in this world today but her son and I boosted her morale. I am a proud daughter-in-law.”