• 7th Pay Commission: DA hike for State governments, Assam gets an 11 percent hike


    New Delhi: After the Centre announced the DA hike for its employees, beginning from July 2021, a few states too announced that they would be bringing up the DA rates for their employees. Nearly 65 lakh pensioners and 48 lakh Central government employees are benefitting from the recently announced DA hike by the 7th Pay Commission.

    The DA for the month of June is yet to be released, and if that is released then there would be an increase to a further 31percent, leading to yet another increase in the government employees’ salaries.

    The DA for June 2021 has not yet been decided, however, according to the data from the AICPI, the DA will increase by a further 3 percent, for the period of January to May 2021. This brings up the final tally up to 31percent. It should be noted that there was a DA hike previously in January of 2020 by 4 percent and then again by 3 percent in June of 2020. January of 2021 saw a further increase of 4 percent, which brought up the DA to 28 percent.

    A cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma came to a consensus that the DA for government employees would be increased as well. This makes Assam one of the most recent entrants into the list of states hiking the DA rates, just ahead of Independence Day. The final DA hike comes to a total of 28 percent with an increase of 11 percent in DA from its previous 17 percent.

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