• Jignesh Mevani Slams PM Modi, BJP Over 'Fake Case' By Assam Police


    On April 20, Assam police arrested Mevani in Gujarat, accusing him of posting "defamatory" tweets about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

    Digital Desk: Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani, who was granted bail in two Assam cases, said there was a deliberate attempt to muzzle opposition under the current leadership. 

    "Such fake cases were planned by the BJP and the RSS, and the Assam police were told to carry out this by the PMO (Prime Minister's Office)," the Congress-backed independent MLA claimed before leaving for Gujarat after ten days, the Assam police arrested him. 

    On April 20, Assam police arrested Mevani in Gujarat, accusing him of posting "defamatory" tweets about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A Kokrajhar court granted him bail last Monday; however,  he was re-arrested on the same day in another case filed by a female police officer. In the second case, the district sessions court in Barpeta granted him bail on Friday, claiming a lack of prima facie evidence.

    On Saturday, Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stated that the lady officer had requested permission to appeal the district sessions court's decision to the Gauhati High Court. Sarma stated, "I've received the file and will investigate it. I'm not familiar with the specifics of the case. Mevani had misbehaved with her, according to the lady officer, who had filed a FIR. She made the complaint on her own behalf, and the police are looking into it. The case has nothing to do with the state government."

    Meanwhile, Mevani said,  "Two false FIRs were filed against me, and I was arrested by the Assam police. How would this help Assam's unemployment, farmer concerns, and other issues?"

     "The BJP seeks to promote violence and hatred. Police had requested a 14-day remand for my tweet. They even filed a fake complaint against me with a female cop... This is nothing more than a cowardly act. They (the BJP) wanted to crush my willpower. Let hem have as many FIRs as they want, i will not move an inch." he added. 

    "The court has ruled that the FIRs filed against me are invalid and were filed with mala fide intent. Assam is becoming a police state, according to the court, and democracy and the rule of law are in jeopardy. The BJP wants Manusmriti to take the place of the constitution," further the Gujarat MLA stated. 


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