Portable, foldable hospital units that can be assembled in 8 hours

Modulus Housing, an IIT-Madras incubated startup has developed and deployed a portable hospital unit called MediCab. The makers claim that it can be installed anywhere, in under eight hours by four persons. The MediCab is foldable and is composed of four zones – a doctor’s room, an isolation room, a medical room/ward and a twin-bed ICU, maintained at negative pressure.

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It is said that six of these collapsible, customizable structures can fit in a truck. 

Made using steel, composite materials and coated with a primer the company claims that the portable hospital unit can serve its purpose for a little over 12 years. 

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‘MediCab’ has been launched recently in Wayanad District of Kerala where the units are being deployed to treat COVID-19 Patients. The startup is developing micro-hospitals that can be deployed rapidly across the nation.

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The 800sq feet model that is being used in Wayanad can house 12 persons and has two in-built restrooms. Modulus is also working on a Dual design where these can be rapidly launched as COVID-19 isolation wards. Post-COVID-19, these can be transformed into micro-hospitals/clinics in Rural India where the medical infrastructure needs to be augmented. Modulus Housing has set up its manufacturing unit at Chengalpet (located about 35 kms from Chennai).

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