• "Assam is a sensitive state, people should abstain from sensitive social media posts": Assam CM


    Guwahati: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma while addressing the media on the number of arrests made due to the sensitive posts posted on the Afghan issue yesterday stated that, "Assam is a sensitive state. People of the state should abstain from social media posts that could fuel up communal tension."

    He further added, "Some didn't listen, hence they were arrested".

    Earlier, Assam police arrested 16 people for making posts on social media regarding the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan.

    Further, expressing his gratitude to the Muslim community, CM Sarma said, "I feel happy that the Muslim community has supported the arrest of the people who were involved in the pro-Taliban posts in social media."

    "We are monitoring the issue and many people are on the watch list. We have counseled scores of people and they have deleted their posts. We only arrested those who showed violent intention in their posts." added the CM. 

    Moreover, Special Director General of Assam Police, GP Singh, recommends that people be conscious on a social media platform and be careful while posting or liking any post.

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