• "Tribals sing jhingalala hoo": Another outrageous remarks from Unacademy tutor

    "Tribals sing jhingalala hoo": Another outrageous remarks from Unacademy tutor

    New Delhi: Call it ignorance or lack of knowledge, there has been a rising trend of discriminating remarks made against the indigenous tribes of India by YouTubers and online coaching classes in the recent times. A day after a faculty associated with an online coaching class - Unacademy, made this scathing remark that 'tribals are brainless as they practice jhum cultivation and carry no land land records," yet another tutor from the same online institution said that "tribals sing jhingalala hoo and live their lives", has sparked yet another fresh controversy.

    The insensitive remarks were made by Lalit Yadav, the tutor affiliated with the online teaching platform Unacademy, who identifies himself as a UPSC education, social worker and motivational speaker. Yadav is also president of an NGO – Lalit Yadav Ki Pathshala, according to a report by East Mojo.

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    Controversy erupted on Wednesday after a video of one of Lalit Yadav’s online classes went viral on social media.

    In the video, he can be heard saying about indigenous tribes: "When you travel to a tribal area, they reside in their natural area, poor things. Today, they at least have some knowledge; in the 80s, where did they have the knowledge? Poor things lived with their communities in jungles."

    Yadav goes on to say, "The tribals would sing Jhingalala hoo and live their lives. They were not bothered about the lives of people outside their communities. They did not care about who was fair, dark, Indian or a Britisher.

    The comments have drawn lot of criticisms on social media. Many have taken to Twitter to slam the online coaching platform to straighten up their information and then feed students with proven facts.

    Samujjal Bhattacharjya, advisor the Northeast Students’s Organisation (NESO), also took Twitter demanding action against the online learning platform over Lalit Yadav’s insensitive remarks against the tribals.


    Reacting to the backlash, Lalit Yadav posted a video message on Facebook in which he apologised for his remarks.
    Alleging that "just a small clip" from his class is being circulated to mislead people, Yadav said, "Whatever words had been used in that video were wrong and it was not done intentionally."