• "Wearing chappal is my lifestyle, I didn't point others on what they are wearing": Akhil Gogoi

    "Wearing chappal is my lifestyle, I didn't point others on what they are wearing": Akhil Gogoi

    Guwahati: Speaking collectively about the recent controversial allegations against MLA Akhil Gogoi by political parties, Gogoi said in reply to Congress leader Bobita Sarma, “My car is not in working condition, for it, I had applied for a loan in Bidhan Sabha if I would have illegal money I can instantly buy a car, what’s the use of applying for a loan.”

    “If Supari syndicate BJP AND AIUDF has given me the money, then I will have to change my chappal,” added Gogoi.

    During the ongoing Assam assembly clearing all the allegations against him, Gogoi asserted that he didn’t say against the tribes of Assam; instead, he had taken many developmental steps to upgrade the tribes in Sivasagar.

    “It’s a big conspiracy by a political party. After August 17, I will hold a meeting with the Anusuchit Jati Chatra Sanstha,” said Gogoi.

    Speaking about the toll gate tax by the Assam government, Gogoi said, “National Highway has been terrorizing people by imposing the tax. After imposing tax in most of the sector now, it imposes a tax in commuting also.”

    “Tollgate is completely illegal; that’s why I had shut down the Raha toll gate. But, I am noticing the public reaction; Public like to give tax that’s why they are not protesting against it,” added Gogoi.

    Moreover, Gogoi stated instead of imposing tollgate tax government should focus on making roads, building fencing in the border area, etc.

    Further, pointing to Congress, he said there is no future for Congress if it continues the Mitrajot with AIUDF. Therefore, it will be useless to stand against BJP by showing sympathy to AIUDF.

    Slamming the Congress leaders, Gogoi said, “No one can trust Congress leaders, one after another, all are shifting to BJP party.”

    “By staying with AIUDF, no congress candidate can win in upper Assam; if someone tagged me as an astrologer for this, I don’t have any issue,” added Gogoi.

    Additionally, Gogoi informed, as Aminul Islam has crossed its limits by putting questions on my loyalty, now I will file a complaint against him.

    “Wearing Chappal is my lifestyle; I wear shoes only when I play football; I didn’t point others’ questioning what u wear,” said Gogoi.

    “After so many days, I am out of jail now; I didn’t wish again to end up in jail,” added Gogoi.