• 'Black Man' reign terror in Dhubri

    'Black Man' reign terror in Dhubri

    Dhubri: Locals of Dhubri are in constant fear of a 'Black Man' that has reigned terror in the region. As per common beliefs, gang robbers suspected to come dressed entirely in black, because of which the people of the town have given them the name Black Man. Men and women of all age groups come out of their homes at night with bamboo sticks and even swords to protect their families from the gang of prowl, ‘Black Man’. Even after multiple attempts by the Dhubri Police to discard all the rumors regarding the ‘Black Man’, people still come out every night for the last one month to protect their areas from the unseen gang robbers.

    A survey was done, with the villagers about the same, they have expressed that none of them has seen the ‘Black Man’', but they scared of unfortunate events that, maybe caused as they have heard of the incident by this group of robbers dressed in black, who take lives. Most people have come to know about Black Man either from social media or through word of mouth.

    "We know that police are saying that Black-Man is a Rumour, but we cannot wait till an unfortunate incident happen," said Vijay Choudhary, an educated youth guarding his colony. "Will the administration take the risk if a life is lost due to the Black man?" added Choudhary.

    Police have requested the people not to get terrified about this rumor, and also Dhubri SP Abhijit Gurav stated that Police now will take steps against any person who is spreading rumors of 'Black Man'.