• 2,000 Assam milkmen provide part of income to support fund-starved school

    2,000 Assam milkmen provide part of income to support fund-starved school

    Morigaon: As a gesture of noble contribution, Assam milkmen provided funds for the fund-starved school. Around 2000 milkmen shared a part of their income for supporting a school.

    The milkmen of a cooperative community in Assam have chosen to give 15 paise per liter of milk sold to manage the higher secondary section of a school, which has not received any government funding so far.

    The funds were raised through this action. The Sitajakhala Milk Cooperative Society is one of the state's most extensive cooperatives in the Morigaon district. Two days ago, they handed over a cheque of Rs 1 lakh to Sitajakhala Higher School to run sections 11 and 12.

    "Children of our milkmen are learners of this school. The lower sections of the school were provincialized (taken over by the government) in 1986. But, the higher secondary level is still working in venture style. It is covering serious economic difficulty. The state of the school moved the parents, who are engaged with us as milkmen, to provide a part of their income," said Sitajakhala Milk Cooperative Society chairman Ranjib Sarma.

    Following some reviews, he replied that more than 2,000 milkmen supported providing 15 paise per liter of milk marketed to the school to support their children's learning.

    "With the help of the milkmen, the Sitajakhala Milk Cooperative Society has announced financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh every year. The fund will be initiated to the higher secondary part of the school unless the government provincializes it," Sarma stated.

    Sarma further stated that guardians of the learners are asking the government to start vocational programs on essential farming in the school.

    Principal of the educational institute Uttam Deka urged the government to proceed ahead and hold it to offer quality training to youths of the Gobha tribal area in Morigaon.

    "We all are thankful to Sitajakhala Milk Cooperative Society for helping us with the financial compensation. This action will go a great way in supporting the academy," he continued.

    Addressing the dairy industry, Sarma told the community suffered enormous hardship through the Pandemic. However, the condition is steadily progressing presently.