• 65,845 cases of crimes against women and girls recorded in Assam


    Guwahati: As per government reports, a total of 65,845 cases of crimes against women and young girls have been recorded in Assam in the last five-and-half years.

    In 2016, the number of cases filed was 8,963, while the number of charge-sheeted cases was 5,053.

    In 2017, the numbers moved up: 6,441 charge sheets were filed while 11 873 cases were recorded.

    In 2018, as next 13,142 recorded cases, barely 7,279 were charge-sheeted. In 2019, the number of cases recorded was 13,770, while the number of cases charge-sheeted moved to 8,493.

    In 2020, as against the 11,836 filed cases, 7,879 were charge-sheeted. From 2021 till July 31, the number of cases listed was 6,261, while 3,267 were charge-sheeted.

    Moreover, police sources notified that from 2016 till July 31, 2021, 7,607 cases of rape upon women below 18 years of age were listed across Assam. Of this, a charge sheet was recorded in 5,923 cases against 6,249 accused persons.

    Throughout the same time, 11,086 rape cases were filed of women above 18 years of age. Out of them, a charge sheet was listed in 8,020 cases against 9,198 accused individuals.

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