• A section of the people of the State is becoming lazy due to government welfare schemes: MLA Mrinal


    Guwahati: Ruling BJP’s Khumtai constituency MLA Mrinal Saikia during the ongoing Assam assembly stated that a section of the people of the State is becoming lazy because of the government welfare schemes provided by the government. Moreover, he claimed that 90 per cent of the people do not utilize the funds for the right purpose.

    Raising the topic Saikia said, “I am happy that our government has given so many schemes to the people, but we need to develop work culture also among our people.”

    Further, stressing about the Bengal-origin people Saikia said "If a local mason starts a work, he will take more than a month to finish it, while a mason of Bengal-origin will finish the same work in seven days.”

    Chief Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma asked Saikia to change the topic when an opposition MLA tried to question Saikia what he meant to say by Bengal-origin.

    Moreover, Saikia added “Andolan jeevis are unique to Assam.”

    In reply to Saikia CM Sarma said, "I agree with your views, as governments schemes are increasing questions are being raised that our culture might be going down. However, the CM claimed the youth of the state are not without the zeal to work."

    Stressing about some of the success stories the CM said it is not that our people are not willing to work, we have so many success stories where a small bunch of people have scripted success, be it the small tea growers or the dairy farmers.

    Speaking about the ongoing budget the CM said in this year’s budget, there is a roadmap to make the youth of the state self-sufficient within the next five years in some of the sectors. Moreover, he asked the MLA’s to groom at least 5,000 skilled youths in their home constituencies over the next five years.

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