• ALERT! The 'Gulab Gang' is here

    ALERT! The 'Gulab Gang' is here

    Naharkatia: The 'Gulab gang' of Sasoni Gaon, Amguri, has taken significant steps in breaking society's stereotypes. This group of women had served their people and society with progressive actions and voices.

    Presently, the Gulab gang has come out of their houses, leaving households and protecting their community. In addition, they are seen functioning patrolling duties in their village. 

    This group of women from Amguri has started day and night guarding of people entering their village. Not a single car or passers-by could skip their sight. They are taking notes of every person visiting their village. 

    Lately, the village had backed out to be one of the primary hubs for illegal activities. The illegal trade of drug dealings, liquor and other unlawful activities were a part of this village.

    The Gulab gang is on its way to regulate these illegal activities in their village. They have taken the role of a defender or a gentleman and are getting hands upon ending illegal trades.

    As per sources, the gang has kept a record file for all those passengers moving into their village. This record will help them to find out the relevance of outsiders entering the village for illegal trades.

    Breaking the societal norms on women, this group has set examples for all other women. They are trying to create awareness that women being mothers, sisters, wives, etc., can also be a savior. 

    A few days ahead of Independence Day, the news of women safeguarding their land gives a patriotic feeling. If every single individual of a community looks after their land in such a manner, the world will end up being a better place to live in.

    People appreciated the gang previously for their activities in the village. Earlier, they have cracked down dense of unauthorized exercises in the area. Shortly, they look ahead to stop such illegal practices in the village altogether.