• ASPTA demands Dispur to release DA


    The Assam State Primary Teacher’s Association (ASPTA) demand Assam government to release the dearness allowance (DA) of the teachers working under the government. Addressing to the media, ASPTA general secretary Ratul Goswami, said that it has been a long standing demand of the AIPTA to the Centre to release the DA of the teachers summing the nation. 

    As per report, the Centre on 14th July released 11 per cent of the DA of the Central government employees for the year 2020. Following this, the Assam government should release the DA of the teachers and employees working under the government. 

    Goswami also underlined that the State government employees started working on a fixed pay since last year. With the present situation and the rising price of the commodities affected the condition of the government employees. Goswami appeals the State government to release the DA of the employees as soon as possible. 

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