• Application for Teacher's Transfer made online: Ranoj Pegu


    The Education Minister of Assam, Ranoj Pegu, made a significant announcement regarding the application for teacher's transfer. The announcement said that the application procedure for the transfer of teachers could be conducted via online mode. The announcement was made during the budget session in the Assam Legislative Assembly. 

    The Assam government initiated a process to open up a portal for the teachers who wants a transfer. This will help in the further times, making the application process of the transfer of teachers very convenient. It will eliminate the need for the teachers to physically rush from one office to another to get the simple procedure done. On Tuesday, looking at the various issues about the Education Department, the Minister stated teachers who complete ten years of continuous service in a district could be eligible for transfer.

    Pegu said, "We are going to open a portal for the teachers who seek a transfer. The portal will be available within two months. The teachers who have completed 10 years' continuous service in a district could be eligible for transfer. They will be able to apply through the portal for their transfer". The Minister also said that any teacher could apply for their transfer on medical or security-related grounds.


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