• Assam Budget 2024: Key Announcements from Ajanta Neog Budget speech, all you need to know

    Assam Budget 2024: Key Announcements from Ajanta Neog Budget speech, all you need to know
    Assam CM added that the budget will help to take Assam amongst the top five states in the country...
    Digital Desk: Ajanta Neog, the state finance minister tabled the Assam budget for 2024–25 on the assembly floor today. 

    Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stated on social media that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's grand vision of turning India into a Viksit Bharat during Amrit Kaal serves as inspiration for the state's budget for 2024–2025. He further added that the budget will help to take Assam amongst the top five states in the country. 

    Here are important  takeaways from Budget 2024-25:
     1. A realistic road plan for long-term growth and creating employment has been presented in this budget. Our GDP is growing faster than the country as a whole every time. Since the electorate chose the Double Engine Government in 2016, our per capita income has more than doubled.
     2. Assam has raised capital expenditure to a level never seen before, and in 2024–2025, it's expected to surpass Rs 20,000 crore, up from 16,000 cr in 2022–2023. Our state has effectively integrated all plans and initiatives, such as Special Assistance to States for Capital Investment, to accelerate capital expenditure growth across all sectors, particularly connectivity, tourism, education, and so on.
     3. The budget for 2024 requires that employment possibilities be created. This year, after surpassing the target of one lakh jobs, our government has placed a strong focus on fostering entrepreneurship in the State. SHG members will receive additional funding in the form of grants and subsidies to help them start income-generating ventures. 
    4. Our unwavering support for Mahila Sabalikaran has taken the form of increasing Orunodoi's coverage to 30 lakh, giving microcredit borrowers greater relief, lending money to Nijut Moina, and helping 39 lakh women entrepreneurs.
    5. Asom Mala 2.o's beginning and the adoption of other notable projects have provided a significant boost to infrastructure. This will benefit the State's common citizens by multiplying the effects. 

    6. One of Budget 2024's main pillars is green growth. As part of this, 3 crore saplings will be planted, electric buses will be introduced, and over 1000 MW of renewable energy and rooftop solar plants will be installed. 

    7. The Tea Garden community's welfare is given special attention in Budget 2024, with increased funding for schools, a 3% reservation in government employment, and the payment of their past-due electricity bills. 
    8. A recurring topic in the Budget has been honoring our rich cultural legacy. In our search for cultural identity, the building of the Maa Kamakhya Corridor, the preservation of the land in and around our satras, the pilgrimage to the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, and the encouragement of Bhaona and Raas Lila find significance.
    9. To integrate wetlands with Brahmaputra and work for an Assamese free of floods, Rs 200 crore has been set aside. 271 lakes and wetlands are appropriate for floodwater diversion, according to NESAC. 

    10. A financial allocation of Rs 25 crore will be used to send a total of 25,000 devotees to Ram Mandir as part of the Punya Tirtha Yojana. 

    11. A 4000 square meter third Assam Bhawan with amenities like a marriage hall and Namghar, among other things, is planned to be built in the Dwarka neighborhood of New Delhi.

    12. A five percent weighting will be added to the recruiting process for individuals whose families are not government employees. 

    13. The fancy bazaar wholesale market will be moved to the outskirts of Guwahati. 

    14. Rooftop solar facilities will be installed on all newly erected buildings in Assam, both public and private. 

    15. To commemorate the leadership qualities, struggles, and victories of each Chief Minister who has been instrumental in forming the state, a museum will be built for the former Chief Ministers of the State.

    16. This year, efforts will be made to create ten model climate-resilient villages. This comes after 100 villages received village-specific climate action plans from post-graduate students chosen for the Chief Minister's Climate Resilient Village Fellowship Program. 

    17. The Village and Community Outreach Programme will be implemented by Assam medical institutions to teach MBBS students communication skills and the different cultural elements that affect community health.

    18. It has been proposed that ₹50 lakh be spent as share capital, grant, or soft loan for each new cinema to support our state's film industry. 

    19. Funding to establish 50 additional movie theaters. This has been given a budget of Rs 25 crore. 

    20. There will be a historic Bohag Bihu festival in New Delhi.
    21. Sukapha Samannay Kshetra would be developed with an allocation of Rs 100 crore over the next three years. 

    22. Shaheed Kanaklata Baruah's home will be converted into a museum. For this project, ₹5 crore has been allocated in total.
    23. A one-time grant of ₹25,000 per Bhaona committee. Every Bhaona Committee that performs Ram Bijoy Ankiya Naat will receive an extra ₹5,000. Mahapurush Srimanta Sankaradeva acknowledged Prabhu Ramchandra as the Supreme Brahma's incarnation. The Ram Bijoy Ankiya Naat was penned by Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva as his swan sung before his Mahaprayana, which is very significant.

    24. In keeping with our dedication to this endeavor, the government will assist tea garden worker families by covering their arrears on their electricity bills. For this, ₹75 crores have been suggested. 

    25. Appropriate legislation will be presented to guarantee that only indigenous people or institutions receive the land surrounding Barpeta, Majuli, Batadrava, and Narayanpur. 

    26. We want to give a grant of ₹10 lakh to fully operational Assamese cinemas in order to promote big-screen Assamese cinema.

    27. A group of distinguished individuals would examine the submissions and provide their suggestions. 

    28. Under the Atal Pension Yojana, technicians and artists from Assamese theater and film would be employed. For a period of five years, the government will contribute 50% of itself.