• Assam CM Sarma states that Assam could have become another "Udta Punjab" on drugs menace

    Assam CM Sarma states that Assam could have become another "Udta Punjab" on drugs menace

    Guwahati: Assam Chief Minister, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma states that Assam in regard to drugs menace could have turned into another "Udta Punjab"

    In the last two months, around 1,021 cases have been recorded, including 1,897 persons detained for association in the trafficking of prohibited drugs in Assam.

    On Wednesday, Sarma said that the state was on its route to displaying like Punjab, where numerous had fallen to the business of illicit drugs.

    In repose to a question asked by Asom Gana Parishad MLA Prodip Hazarika during zero hours of the continuing budget session of the assembly, the CM mentioned the instance of a successful Hindi movie to emphasize the point.

    “We had seen a movie called ‘Udta Punjab’ where we got a glimpse of the situation in that state due to the menace of drugs. The rate at which illicit drugs were being traded in our state we were going towards becoming Udta Assam,” Sarma stated.

    “Accounts of recovered drug addicts have revealed that the contraband is easily available in prisons, hospitals and is even delivered at home through a network. This continued even during the [Covid-19] lockdown. It made us decide to take action,” replied Sarma.

    Though police had been working upon drug trafficking in events earlier, it developed following the new government took office in May this year. 

    In 2016, 10 kg of heroin was seized, 5 kg in 2017, 7 kg in 2018, 23 kg in 2019, and 27 kg in 2020.

    “This shows that availability of drugs is increasing since the police are able to seize only around 10% of the illicit commodity. After I took charge, Union home minister Amit Shah asked me to take action against drugs, human trafficking, and cattle smuggling. We then decided to adopt a policy of zero-tolerance on these issues,” the CM continued.

    CM Sarma also stated that the enclosed drugs would be publicly raged at four spots on July 17 and July 18 to convey information of zero-tolerance against drugs. 

    He additionally said all states in the northeast are operating in a coordinated manner against illicit drugs.

    The CM stated that drugs were being practiced by criminals as an adjustment to smuggle firearms, fake money, and smuggling. He stated the intimidation was additionally accountable for a lot of social issues and violations.

    “When such a massive operation is underway, some people will try to divert attention and even blame the police by calling it to trigger happy,” he replied while responding to allegations by opposition parties and human rights activists.

    “Police action will continue on anyone who tries to escape from custody or attempts to attack policemen. I am not going to compromise on it. If criminals attack policemen, they have to shoot in self-defense,” he remarked.