• Assam-Mizoram Clash: CYMA demands probe by Central government

    Assam-Mizoram Clash: CYMA demands probe by Central government

    Aizwal: The Central Committee of Young Mizo Association or Central YMA (CYMA) demanded an investigation into the alleged involvement of the outside forces in the July 26 Assam-Mizoram border clash, CYMA leader said.

    CYMA president Vanlalruata said the organization passed a resolution on Tuesday demanding an investigation by the Central Government in the matter.

    The ultimatum comes after BJP MPs from the Northeastern states met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 2 and submitted a memorandum alleging that outside forces fueled the Assam-Mizoram clash.

    The CYMA president defying the allegation asserted, “It was a complete lie.”

    “No MP from Mizoram was present in the delegation,” CYMA added.

    Earlier, the Assam government linked the recent Assam-Mizoram clash to the handiwork of non-state actors inflamed by the Assam government’s action against drug trafficking and restriction on transportation of cattle under the newly proposed Assam Cattle Protection Bill, 2021.

    However, the Mizoram Home Minister defying the allegation said, “No responsible government could be hand-in-glove or influenced by outsiders.”

    The Minister claimed that the recent clash between the two states is a measure for self-defence and to save the lives of the civilians as the Assam police first open fired towards Mizoram forces and civilians.

    Reportedly, on August 5, the Assam government will send two cabinet ministers to Aizwal to hold talks with the Mizoram government.