• Assam Pradesh Congress ends alliance with 'mahajot' partner AIUDF ahead of by-elections

    Assam Pradesh Congress ends alliance with 'mahajot' partner AIUDF ahead of by-elections

    Guwahati: Assam Pradesh Congress Committee ended its 'mahajot' alliance with Badruddin Ajmal-led AIUDF party, ahead of the upcoming by-election to the six constituencies of the state.

    The resolution to break its alliance with AIUDF was decided by the Congress core committee, in a meeting held yesterday in Guwahati.

    In a statement issued by the APCC, the committee observed that 'mahajot' partner AIUDF's behaviour and attitude in relation to the Bharatiya Janata Party has baffled the members of the Congress party.

    The AIUDF leadership's and senior member's continuous and mysterious praise of the BJP party and the chief minister has affected the public perception of the Congress party, it added.

    In this connection, after a long discussion, the core committee members of APCC unanimously decided that AIUDF can no longer remain an alliance partner of the 'mahajot' and in this regard, it would send an intimation to the All India Congress Committee.

    In an exclusive interview with Prag News digital platform, AIUDF's legislator from Dalgaon constituency slammed Congress's decision of breaking the 'mahajot' alliance, "It is truly unnerving and shocking to know that Assam Pradesh Congress Committee has decided to break the alliance. What wrong did we do, that we are facing such humiliation today? Four months ago, it was the Congress party that was eager to join hands with the AIUDF and fight the state elections. In my opinion, I feel, Congress is taking the wrong decision. And also feel there is a BJP power secretly working in tandem with the Congress who is creating the wall."

    The legislator further added, "The alliance between Congress and AIUDF was formed to challenge the Bharatiya Janata Party. By breaking the alliance ahead of the by-elections, will weaken the motive to oust BJP. And I am sure that Congress will face a worst-ever defeat if they wish to move ahead as a single party in the upcoming elections."

    The 10-party 'Grand Alliance' or 'Mahajot', led by the Congress, was formed ahead of this year's assembly elections in the state of Assam.
    However, it failed to topple the BJP-led government in May this year, winning just 50 out of the 126 seats.