• Assam government to destroy 2,479 rhino horns and other animal parts publicly


    GUWAHATI: The Assam government has decided to destroy the rhino horns stockpiled in the state treasuries.

    As many as 2,479 pieces, out of total 2,623 rhino horns, ivory and other animal part would be destroyed by consigning them to flames in public very soon.

    However, 94 rhino horns will be preserved as heritage pieces for academic purposes while 50 others would be reserved to be produced in court cases.

    The 94 rhino horns would be kept for academic purposes and public presentation in a natural history museum to be set up at the Kaziranga National Park (KNP).

    These horns have been extracted from the rhinos that had died due to natural causes.

    The Assam Environment and Forest department has sought permission from the state government to destroy the rhino horns and other animal parts following a Gauhati High Court order.

    The rhino horns and other animal parts would be destroyed in conformity with the relevant provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 and complying with the high court’s order.

    A total of 2,020 rhino horns were found in 12 different treasuries across the state during a statewide inspection conducted in 2016.
    The world’s largest rhino horn was recorded during the verification process. It weighed 3.051 kg and 36 cm in length. The horn was found in the Bagori range of KNP in 1982.

    The Supreme Court had also directed to destroy wild animal parts a long time ago.

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