• Assam is in the top rank for the state with the highest number of beggars in the entire Northeast


    Guwahati: Assam’s ranking in the total number of beggars list in the country depicts the failure of the political leadership in the state, Says Prodyut Bora, Chairman of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

    In the beggar's list, Assam has topped the chart by ranking 1st among the North-eastern states and second highest in the entire country. 22,116, the total number of beggars in the state, according to a report submitted in the Lok Sabha in March by former Union Minister Thawar Chand Gehlot.

    “The political leadership entirely lacks two things- vision and aggregating capability. Everybody has failed us irrespective of party,” said Prodyut Bora. At the time of Independence, Assam’s per capita income was 4 percent above the national average, whereas currently, the state’s per capita income stands at 45 percent below the national average.

    The state government should focus on three things to make the state a better place for all - economy, economy, and economy! “The state government has become a ‘government of spectacle.' The government is giving one spectacle after another like Namami Brahmaputra and others to distract the people from the main issue of the day which is economic employment, income. When you do not know how to govern, you resort to spectacle. These reflected in the number of beggars”, Bora added.

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