• Ban on movement of heavy vehicles through Kaziranga National Park till flood situation improve


    Golaghat: The flood situation in Assam aggravated on Sunday, with over 2.58 lakhs people severely affected across 14 districts, forcing around 6,218 people to take shelter in relief camps.

    The same situation is arising in the animal world of Kaziranga National Park (KNP). Many wild animals have come out from the KNP periphery, searching for highlands in the nearby Karbi hills located on the park's southern boundary.

    Reportedly, on Sunday, two hog deer were killed on National Highway 37 while crossing the highway to reach nearby Karbi hills.

    DFO of Eastern Assam Wildlife Division, Kaziranga, Ramesh Kumar Gogoi, said, "Two hog deer were killed in two different incidents while crossing the highway on Sunday."

    "They were hit by speedy vehicles while crossing the National highway 37 to reach the nearby Karbi hills in search of highlands due to flood." added Gogoi.

    As per the report, many wild animals, including deer, Rhino, and Buffalos, have come out from the flooded park searching highlands.

    So keeping in view the recent flood situation, the Assam government has announced diversion of the vehicles that pass by the Kaziranga National Park.

    KNP officials asserted that forest guards regularly patrolled by country boats inside the park to check to poach. As in earlier, during the flood, more poaching has been reported.

    Also, forest guards, the police, and the Assam Forest Protection Force patrol NH 37 to make sure the vehicles didn't hit the animals.

    So keeping in view the recent flood situation in Kaziranga National Park, the Assam government has announced diversion of the heavy vehicles that pass by KNP till the flood situation decreases.

    All the heavy vehicles, including goods carriage vehicles, will be diverted through the below-mentioned routes from today onwards-

    1. From Upper Assam: Dibrugarh-via Bogibeel Bridge –North Bank Lower Assam.
    2. From Lower Assam: a) Saraighat Bridge-Baihata-North bank Bogibeel Bridge- Upper Assam.
      B) Rangia-Baihata-North Bank-
      Bogibeel Bridge- Upper Assam.
    3. Vehicles to Upper Assam that have crossed Guwahati Via Kaliabhomora Bridge-North Bank-Bogibeel Bridge-Upper Assam.
      Notably, the Assam government has limited the speed of the vehicles to 40 km per hour in the area of Kaziranga National Park and assigned police for patrolling. But, still, yearly, the wild animals of the park got killed by the speedy vehicles.

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