• Caste-based check mandatory for students in undergraduate colleges: Assam

    Caste-based check mandatory for students in undergraduate colleges: Assam

    Guwahati: The caste-based check for students during undergraduate admission has created chaos among the academic fraternity and students.

    The three goverment based colleges in Guwahati asked students to fill the caste category as mandatory.

    The necessary options to be chosen up by the applicants in the caste segment were Brahmin, Ganak, Kalita, Kayastha, Shudra, and Baishya.

    The Assam government is seeking to reach its hands to sort scholars according to castes, and colleges have come under objection from student organizations. 

    "We cannot intervene in the functioning of institutes. So on Thursday, the directorate has not asked them to assemble caste data," stated the Assam director of higher education, Dharma Kanta Mili.

    At Handique Girls' College (HGC), one of the state's leading academic institutions offering online admission types, began a final week. A considerable number of college freshmen have already used it, providing details of their caste and community. 

    There was no official's permission to force the learners to reveal their caste and community. 

    "There must be a method to place college pupils from reserved categories like SC, ST, or OBC. However, we're not conscious that college freshmen had been asked in the admission gateway to reveal their caste. The college administration might withdraw this section soon," an official stated.