• Congress upset over state government's decision to drop Rajiv Gandhi's name from Orang National Park

    Congress upset over state government's decision to drop Rajiv Gandhi's name from Orang National Park

    Guwahati: On Wednesday, the Assam government declared that the Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park (oldest game reserve in the state), placed on the north bank of the Brahmaputra, will be recognized as the Orang National Park.

    Congress slammed the BJP-led Assam government for renaming the Rajiv Gandhi National Park as Orang National Park.

    The name replacement appears weeks after the Centre dropped former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's name from the Khel Ratna honor.

    Congress denounced the "petty view" of the BJP government. The party stated that simply by replacing the title of a park or an organization, the government would not be able to wash away former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's contributions to India.

    "Taking notice of the Adivasi and tea tribe community's requirements, the Assam cabinet has decided to rename Rajiv Gandhi National Park as Orang National Park," Water Resources Minister Pijush Hazarika appended.

    Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) President Bhupen Borah stated, "The computer and the mobile phones that the BJP is utilizing today to promote their plan of reworking records were made obtainable to them through the IT Revolution brought about by Rajiv Gandhi. Nobody can wash away his contribution towards women empowerment at the grassroots through 33 % reservation in panchayats. His support of youth to join in political determination making by decreasing voting age from 21 to 18 years."

    "Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi dedicated his life at the hands of a terrorist organization. For him, the country always appeared first. He is likewise recognized as the modern creator of India. Following his energetic and ideological guidance, the Assam movement was identified. Although replacing the name of Orang National Park is nothing but a sham," stated Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) general secretary, Apurba Kumar Bhattacharjee.

    "They have attempted to print on the wall; however, time will show everything. The Congress party is obligated to remembering the people who dedicated their lives for the country," stated Apurba Bhattacharjee.

    "The BJP led government would not appreciate such sort of politics as they are only involved in exchanging names of organizations, rewriting an agenda-based history of India where they have zilch contribution and buying politicians from other parties to form governments," stated Bhupen Borah.